mainly used in producing tetracaine hydrochloride for injection use|oleum fructus brucease injection|lianbizhi injection  etc.
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    • ginkgo biloba extract dropping pill (formerly known as: apricot spirit dripping pills)
      ginkgo biloba ex…(心脑血管用药)
      [product name] ginkgo biloba extract dropping pill (formerly: apricot spirit dropping pill)
      【category】 chinese medicine products / medical drugs product selling point of the national health insurance directory varieties, some provinces and cities based medicine.
      national torch plan project varieties.
      extract of ginkgo biloba the best oral dosage forms.
      fast onset, bioavailability and efficacy.
    • golden lotus dropping pill
      golden lotus dro…(中药产品/内科药)
      【product name】 nasturtium dripping pills 【category】 chinese medicine products / medical drugs
      [selling points] exclusive domestic formulations.
      pure natural plant antibacterial medicine, auxiliary treatment of various upper respiratory tract infection.
      the best oral formulation with rapid onset of good taste, no drug resistance.
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