mainly used in producing tetracaine hydrochloride for injection use|oleum fructus brucease injection|lianbizhi injection  etc.
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        in 1997, zhejiang bong kang pharmaceutical co. (the predecessor company) ranks the country first as a whole enterprise passed the gmp authentication.

        1998, zhejiang thirty-nine state and kang pharmaceutical co., ltd. was established, sanjiu enterprise group accounted for 67% stake in zhejiang bang kang pharmaceutical co. (the predecessor company) accounted for 33% of the shares.

        in 2000, sanjiu pharmaceutical wholly acquired thirty-nine bong kang pharmaceutical.

        in 2001, the company established more than 10 offices in zhejiang, beijing, shanghai and other distribution networks initially formed.

        2003, march 27, the three parties (shanghai rong yin enterprise development, zhejiang thirty-nine state investment in kang pharmaceutical co., beijing took the lead in institute of medicine) was established zhejiang jiuding pharmaceutical co., ltd..

       2004, february 12 by the zhejiang jiuding pharmaceutical co., ltd. changes the zhejiang jiang jiuxu pharmaceutical co., ltd.

       in 2004, access to social welfare enterprises certificate, gmp certification through the national bureau check.

       li, general manager by the special contribution award in 2004;

       in 2005, the two companies successful completion;

       2005 javanica oil emulsion injection by the state torch program project certificate.

       established in 2005, the party branch of the communist party of china zhejiang jiang jiuxu pharmaceutical co., ltd..

       in 2005, the company was awarded the chinese academy of science and technology park of jinhua backbone enterprises.

       in 2006, nine asahi trademark was awarded the famous trademark of jinhua city.

       in 2007, the company has been identified as key high-tech enterprise of national torch plan.

       in 2008, the company passed the iso9001 quality management system and iso14000 environmental management system certification.

       in 2008, the company 750,000 worth of drugs and cash donation for the sichuan earthquake stricken areas.

       in 2009, the operating results exceeded 100 million yuan, to achieve breakthrough growth and strategic objectives.

       2010, a five-year plan to develop.

       in 2010, the full implementation of the talent that culture strategy.

       in 2011, jiangsu production base successfully started in 2013 put into production.

       2011, the company won the top 10 traditional chinese medicine industry growth companies "medicine industry r & d top ten" honor.
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