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        quality management approach


          scientific and technological innovation, quality and efficiency; continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence.

        quality management objectives


          (1) finished products manufactured pass rate: 100%;

          (2) national levels and sampling pass rate: 100%;

          (3) customer satisfaction rate: not less than 90%;

      quality management system


          the company has set up an independent center of mass by the company responsible for the quality of leadership under the quality inspection qc, quality assurance qa, responsible for pharmaceutical production process, quality supervision, inspection work. the inspectors have a college education and professional and technical training with basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
         (1) qc, quality inspection: responsible for the company's raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished and finished products, the production of process water, environmental monitoring is also responsible for the guidance and inspection of the post inspection of the production process, leaving the kind of investigation work.
         (2) quality assurance qa: is responsible to monitor the entire process of production, equipment validation, gmp internal audit work and measuring instruments management work. responsible for the quality of the file, user complaints and adverse reactions. formed a complete quality inspection and management, production and quality supervision and management, product retention samples management, quality of incident management, enterprise self-management, and management of the relevant departments of the quality of work, quality of file management, supplier qualification assessment, customer complaints and adverse reaction reporting management and verify that the management of a set of quality management system.

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