When you go out there, it looks so natural and easy when you perform. However, what most people don’t see are the endless hours of practice it took you to develop the skills that appear to be so natural. What I offer here will help you to go through this rewarding pain easier, will give you the freedom through efficiency of movement,  energy and mind, and will help you to come out of the game healthy.


Together, we can successfully work on:

  • Advanced health body screening using bio-energetic testing with followed cold laser treatment and imprinting of personalized homeopathic remedy
  • Dietary (including hydration), supplementation, and lifestyle evaluation with further discussion and individual planning
  • Altering body composition by using nutrient timing and tapping into metabolism and constitutional characteristics
  • Daily energy balancing based on sport specifics, performance goals, energy systems, training cycles, and metabolic rate
  • Setting up pre-, during-, post-training and during competition nutrient strategies to improve body adaptation and quicken recovery, including changed environment (humidity, temperature, altitude)
  • Holistic approach to overall health, physical / emotional stress response; correcting digestive system; supporting endocrine and immune systems as well as balancing pH level
  • Ongoing support and free consultations between appointments

Supplementation is always a slippery road and raises a lot of questions…
By working together, we:

  • Focus on sound use of supplements and special sports foods as part of your special nutrition plans
  • Ensure that supplements and sports foods are used correctly and appropriately to deliver maximum benefits to the immune system, recovery and performance
  • Eliminate the risk of supplement use leading to an inadvertent doping offence


This website is intended to provide information and is not intended to replace medical advice.
For more information or consultation please contact:
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