Testing Your Limits

Training is more than just staying healthy. It’s about tapping into your core strength, testing your limits, and reaching a new level of commitment to the way you live your life. ReachingPushing the Boundaries  the edge of your ability forges new confidence, and knowing you gave everything you had creates focus and satisfaction. Your training is invigorating and provides you with a sense that surpasses wellbeing – to one of attaining cleansing. You reach deep into every cell of your body to maximize metabolic effort. But this achievement can come at a high cost if you tap into your metabolic reserve without a road map for recovery, putting yourself at risk of overtraining and injury.

Overtraining and injury is inevitable when your efforts exceed your metabolism’s ability to repair. Injury and reduced performance can be due to shifts in immune function, nutritional imbalances, a flux in stress hormones and glucose homeostasis, or any combination thereof. Overtraining is a well-recognized phenomenon, but do you really know how to protect against it? If not, you may not even be aware that you are wearing down your metabolic reserve. Then one day you turn a corner: a muscle tears, an Achilles tweaks, your times are slower, you can’t shake “feeling flat,” you always seem to feel “achy” – each one a sign that your chemistry has shifted.

Successful training and desired performance will always be dependent on how efficiently your metabolism is able to function under duress and how quickly your metabolic reserve can repair and recover. There is a critical intersection between being fit and being vital. That intersection is your metabolic performance. Maintaining peak metabolic reserve is the key to superior performance and to reducing the risk of overtraining and injury. The better you manage your metabolism, the more your metabolism can provide benefits to being fit and experiencing vitality in motion.

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