Pushing the Boundaries

Innovators take chances. Innovators see beyond the boundaries that seemingly exist; whether  it’s a vision of man’s possibility to fly or peeking inside the human body without using a scalpel. When Leonardo da Vinci was drawing his first model of a flying apparatus he had no Idea that years later the Wright brothers will make his dream come true…

But he saw it and he brought down the barriers and said that Man could fly… Wright brothers said the same thing, but by that time technology had changed enough that they actually made Man fly. Innovators look passed these walls and say: “We can do it better”.

We are living in the moment  where the world of healthcare is incredibly complicated. It is a unique moment as so much is happening  so quickly… We need to look past these boundaries if we want to solve problems. Why? Because we can do things better. It’s time to push these walls and think outside the box by using innovative technologies to get better and save more lives… I believe we still are just scratching the surface. As healthcare is slowly transforming, new technologies are created. Technologies like bio-energetic testing, optical scanners, genetic medicine is already helping people to know more about themselves, what their bodies are capable of, and how incredible the power of a human being  is when it comes to healing. I think the next transformation of  healthcare is not accumulating patients in the hospitals, but keeping people out of the hospitals so that they can live better lives.

 Space Transportation System Number 6, Orbiter Challenger

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