What is Bio-Energetic Testing?

The word ‘energetic’ does not relate to energy in the strict sense that a physicist would insist upon. Instead, the term is loosely used to refer to aspects of human functioning that are not just biomechanical (e.g joints, muscles and motion) and biochemical (e.g. nutrients, proteins, hormones and oxidation).

The functioning of the human body is governed by electrical and informational signals. When we obtain responses from a bioenergetic testing device, the information is a mixture of commentary on the physical, chemical, bioelectrical, emotional and mental state of the body and mind. This technology is capable to measure and quantify these signatures and presents them for analysis and correction in the software. The underlying mathematical formulas were originally applied by Dr. Tiller, a PhD and material scientist with Stanford University and have been adapted specifically to this system. Asyra  delivers a picture of health status and how to improve in a moments.

Medicine also recognizes we are electromagnetic beings and has a long-standing tradition of using diagnostic machines. MRI machines work with magnetic energy. Ultrasound machines use high frequency sound energy. EKGs are an electronic representation of what is in the heart. EEGs are an electronic representation of what is in the brain.


  • Nutritional Assessment (Deficiencies of Vitamins, Minerals/Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids, Enzymes)
  • Nutrients Bio-Availability Disruption / Malabsorption / Cell Permeability 
  • Metabolic / Digestive Profile
  • Cell Salt Imbalance / Electrolyte Disturbance ASYRA
  • pH Imbalance
  • Hormonal Profile
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Muscular / Skeletal Weakness
  • Constitutional Influence
  • Vertebral / Non-vertebral Misalignment
  •  Heavy Metal / Chemical Toxicity
  • Allergies / Sensitivities Profile
  • Food /  Phenolics / Environmental Sensitivity List
  • Presence of: Viruses / Bacteria / Parasites / Fungal Infections / Mycotoxins / Protozoa / Mycoplasma
  • Immune System / Inflammatory Issues / Antibody / Vaccination Disturbances
  • Genetic predisposition to chronic disease
  • Sleep Disturbances / Neurological Imbalances
  • Mental / Emotional Stress; Polarity Disturbances
  • Endocrine / Immune / Circulatory and all other body systems  Disturbances
  • Dental Resonance Profile
  • Female / Male / Urinary Conditions
  • Skin Afflictions
  • Pediatric conditions
  • … and much more
 Did you know that Polygraph testing (lie detectors) uses the same technology      as used in the Asyra?

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