How Can Bio-Energetic Testing Help?

According to homotoxicology research by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg MD:
“Disease processes first alter the body’s energetic field and if left unchecked eventually lead to chemical changes and then finally to tissue destruction and/or disease”.

Besides analyzing the picture of potential problems in the body and identifying health challenges at their root (based on disturbances of energetic fields and allowing us to see a true picture of how the body is actually functioning), ASYRA also offers possible options  to restore  the  balance. This technology  provides not only   resources to maintain  cell’s vitality, but also increases the capacity of storing more active energy within cells.

By Using the Result of Intelligent Communication Between Your Body and ASYRA, We Can Proceed Down a Number of Paths:

1. Finding Specific Remedies/Supplements Your Body Needs at The Moment

Once ASYRA identified the problem areas in the body, it pre-screens potential remedies it has in its library. In its memory, ASYRA has an extended library of homeopathic remedies  and supplements produced by many companies. Are you familiar with the feeling of being lost in front of an endless shelf of supplements? Or being puzzled if that homeopathic ‘Immune Inhensor’ will help you to deal with a nasty cold? ASYRA  is designed  to find right  supplements  and/ or  remedy based on the state of your  electromagnetic  fields and, therefore, your overall health. 

“This allows us to monitor how you respond to a remedy before it is given”
Reinhold  Voll MD, MSC.

2. Imprinting Your Own Remedy

 ASYRA also can take treatment one step further. It will register frequency imbalances corresponding to physiologic abnormalities. These frequencies can be imprinted into a homeopathic carrier solution, which you may then take as sublingual drops.  The frequencies contained in this solution will enter your body, distribute through your energetic nervous system, and will have an effect on your physiology,  “balancing” the  identified problems.

 3. Personalized Laser Treatment

In addition to being the fastest probeless screening device, the ASYRA system continues to lead the industry by introducing the direct application of individualised remedies via low-energy laser: Laser Energetic Detox (LED), a therapy refined by Lee Cowden, MD, one of the most respected names in bioenergetic medicine. Just like the homeopathic carrier solution, laser will imprint your unique electromagnetic frequencies and its light can be distributed over the body in a sweeping fashion. The light of the laser will transfer information from the homeopathic substance to body cells in a language they can understand.  It is a highly effective rapid detoxification therapy that helps alter the way toxins affect the body and kick start the healing process.

And Remember… Don’t expect an overnight turn around in your health.  In Energy Medicine, the approach to optimal health is a little like peeling off the layers of an onion. 








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