How Bio-Energetic Testing Can Optimize Your Sport Performance?

We all know that performance at the optimum level  involves many different  aspects, such as nutrition, hydration, general fitness and sport specific training, proper recovery, and mental training. But many of us forget how critical it is to be in a state of vital health, to have a steady  energy flow, as well as  the importance of  efficient  digestion, absorption of nutrients, detoxification and elimination.

Every cell of the body holds biochemical and electrical energy in various forms. Healthy cells have a capacity to hold much more energy than unhealthy cells or cells that are under constant stress. These tiny creatures  live their own fascinating  life and manage to communicate via electrical impulses, creating unique vibrations. The uniqueness of the bio-energetic testing is in the ability to understand, communicate, and translate the language of every cell in the body.

Cells and tissues are always engaged in energy exchange – releasing it and recharging again. It’s very important to have cells as healthy as possible for many reasons related to the peak performance: from optimal energy flow to the ability to concentrate  and reaction time.

Besides indicating nutritional deficiencies, digestive imbalances, metabolic and electrolyte disturbance (the full list can be found here), bio-energetic testing helps to detect “energetic gaps” within the body and to balance your energy circulation.


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