Does Bio-Energetic Testing Diagnose?

Diagnosis is the process of dividing people into groups according to the set of signs and symptoms they show and state if they fit better into the category for disease A, disease B or perhaps disease C. In this way the medical practitioner chooses appropriate treatment based on past experience. 

Bio-energetic testing devices (as with manual techniques such as kinesiology or human kinetics) work by sending signals of some form to the body and getting a response – balanced or unbalanced, reflecting a unique pattern of information. The system can therefore be considered like a form of electronic kinesiology, using galvanic skin response in place of muscle strength.

A disease is an interruption, cessation, or disorder of body functions, systems, or organs (Stedman’s Medical Dictionary) measured by a chemical and/or mechanical process. Bio-energetic testing does not measure a chemical or mechanical process. It measures and  addresses an energy imbalance.

In this sense bio-energetic testing does not diagnose. It presents a completely individualised set of responses at one point in time to the challenges that were included in the test. Electro Dermal screening determines areas of excess, balanced, or diminished energy in the body. As an example, a thermometer is a commonly used device for screening a person for imbalance related to excess, balanced, or diminished temperature. The temperature is not a diagnostic value, but a screening value. Research has shown that an ohmmeter can be used for screening the body for energy imbalances related to electromagnetic fields. The information can often be used to help support a traditional diagnosis, but the main purpose is to inform an individualized plan unique to the person.


Do test results correlate with symptoms?

Seeing the body in a complex 3-dimensional form, ASYRA detects the body’s first priorities for healing, and those may or may not correlate with the main symptom that the person is presenting.


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