Digital Homeopathy vs. General Medicine

Extracts from a paper by Dr James C Roberts MD FACC (Cardiologist)

Digital Homeopathy & Bio-Energetic Testing

“The late Jacques Benveniste MD, provided irrefutable scientific proof that Vibrational exchange is the language of biochemistry, the concept that underlies the paradigm of homeopathy. As doctors we were taught that molecules we administer – drugs, hormones, etc, ‘work’ by binding to receptors on the cell membrane, triggering a change within the cell– a ‘drug’ or  biological effect.

It makes sense for our cell membranes to have specific receptors for hormones, vitamins and other ‘normal human’ substances, but does it make sense for our cells to have receptors for drugs? Why should nature or evolution provide us with receptors for molecules that have yet to be invented?

In the vibrational paradigm, the molecules we give you as well as the molecules produced in your body that govern your physiology, work not by binding to a receptor on the wall of a cell, but by emitting an electromagnetic signal. This signal vibrates at a frequency that can be sensed by the cells in your body. Drugs work not by binding to the cell, but by getting sufficiently close to the cell so that their frequencies can be sensed and responded to.

Therefore, it follows that administering a therapeutic molecule would be unnecessary, if we could give you the frequency of that molecule instead. In homeopathy, it is the frequency emitted by the treatment molecule that blocks the receptor. In homeopathy we don’t need to give you the molecule that emits the frequency of interest; we simply give you its frequency, but in concentrated form.

Homeopathic preparations contain only the frequencies once emitted by a therapeutic agent. A solution of a therapeutic molecule is diluted over and over again to the point where no molecules of the original substance remain. All that is left is its frequency in concentrated form. The more dilute, the greater the concentration of frequencies and the more powerful its therapeutic effect.

The physics by which serial dilution concentrates frequencies is difficult to understand. Suffice it to say that removing a molecule from a solution that once emitted a frequency creates a hyperproton – basically concentrated energy. Dr. Benveniste demonstrated that the frequency emitted from a therapeutic agent could be recorded and digitized, and then ‘played’ to a biological system to generate the same biological effect – as if the original molecule was administered in intact form. This is digital homeopathy. Digital homeopathy is all about the frequency; not the molecule that emits the frequency.

ASYRA contains thousands of these frequencies in its computer’s database. They can be transmitted into you across your skin, or via the ASYRA’s handmass, for evaluation. To treat you, specific frequencies can be imprinted into a vial of a homeopathic carrier solution and the drops placed under your tongue. They can also be imprinted into a special laser and administered directly through your skin. In both cases the frequencies distribute through your energetic nervous system and stimulate your cells to respond.

Functional Medicine – Bio-Energetic Testing Approach

Functional medicine is an approach to healthcare based on the principles that health is more than just the absence of disease and that every patient is unique, requiring an individual approach to treatment.

Assessment and treatment must take account of mental and emotional factors and beliefs, as well as physical and biochemical factors, or else it cannot give lasting benefit. The approach involves a strong preventative element – not only is prevention better than cure, prevention of further disturbance does cure (or more accurately, ‘allows the body to cure’) existing complaints.

More than 70 percent of patients in general practice suffer from functional disturbances. Simply speaking, a functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional laboratory tests or other pathological diagnostic techniques, yet the patient continues to experience symptoms of ill health.

The functional medicine approach aims to detect and identify  these energetic and regulatory disturbances and they can be detected early – even from the very beginning of a pre-clinical phase, when you display symptoms, but conventional methods cannot identify their cause.

Disease does not begin with pathology, but advances through a number of stages that start when a living organism can no longer compensate adequately for changes in the environment. Environmental changes include both internal conditions of the body, mind and external circumstances.

It is clearly good sense to assess a patient using functional evaluation methods and treatment protocols. These methods have been shown to be effective in helping to identify and correct pre-clinical disorders and symptomology and in reducing or even reversing physical and pathological deterioration.

Functional medicine is intended to bridge the existing diagnostic and therapeutic gaps. Research over more than 40 years has demonstrated that electro-dermal screening (EDS) has a key role in enhancing effective functional medicine practice. In its latest development, ASYRA Pro technology continues to deliver life changing results.

Homeopathy is new to me.  I am an allopathic physician, which means that my scientific background is in chemistry and biology.  Homeopathy is all about physics, and about how chemistry and biology really work in the human body.  I have studied the available literature on medical homeopathy and I am 100% convinced that this paradigm is valid.  It is your choice whether you wish this paradigm to be added to your health care. 

Economically, considerable time and substantial amounts of money could be saved simply by taking advantage of the benefits of this powerful technology in the emerging field of functional medicine.”

  James C. Roberts MD FACC 11/21/07 

 “Future medicine will be based on controlled energy field.”
William A. Tiller, Ph.D.
Nobel Prize Laureate, Stanford University, US

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