History of Quantum Medicine

In the 17th Century reports about acupuncture therapy in China began to reach the West. But it was not until the 1900’s Western science began to investigate the ancient theories of electrical energy and wave patterns in living things and objects. In 1951 a Russian researcher Jean Niboyet established that acupuncture points have a lower skin resistance than points elsewhere on the body. Objective measurements of these resistances occurred in 1952, when Dr. Walter Schmidt examined acupuncture points on patients in a hospital in Bavaria. He established a correlation between specific acupuncture points with the organ that was malfunctioning.

These two vital findings were not consolidated until 1953, when German physician Dr. Reinhold Voll researched and developed a systematic approach for evaluating the body through skin resistance measurements. Cumbersome and complicated though it was, this was the world’s first EDS (Electro-Dermal Screening) system.

Because the techniques developed by Dr. Voll were so difficult to implement, German physicians went on to work hard on developing EDS practices and since 1970’s the second generation of EDS became hugely popular in Germany and spread overseas to the USA, England and Australia.

In 1979, James Hoyt Clarke, an American bio-engineer and computer scientist, succeeded in computerizing the technique and created the world’s first Computerized Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS) system. He went on to perfect this system and in 1991 introduced the LISTEN (Life Information System Ten) system, allowing for more efficient and accurate testing.

The LISTEN was the basis for BioMeridian’s BEST System, which was released in 1998. Because of radical improvements in accuracy, scope and convenience, EDS and bio-energetic technology gained popularity amongst independent practitioners worldwide, with results now backed by scientifically documented research. Since then popularity for bio-energetic medicine continued to spread – science began to catch up. However, this method of testing still has had required lengthy training and practice to gain accuracy.

The latest version of the world-beating health screening device Asyra Pro was introduced in 2009, marking a significant step forward for the technology as a truly flexible probeless EDS  device. Eliminating operator bias, Asyra  reduced testing of all major organs and body systems  from around an hour to less than 5 minutes.

 “All matter is energy field.”
Albert Einstein

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