Bioenergetics is the part of biochemistry science that studies energy flow through living systems. This is an active area of biological research that includes the study of processes within and outside the cell and many other metabolic processes that leads to production and utilization of energy.

Bio-energetic or Quantum Medicine brings together advanced electronic and computer technology and the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.


All body functions use energy. The response of the body to energy allows muscles to move, nutrients to be metabolized, eyes to see, ears to hear, and skin to feel. When energy is in balance, the natural structures and functions of our physical bodies and emotional state are enhanced.

The Asyra® system is a non-invasive bio-energetic testing device which reads, analyzes and translates communications between body cells.  It combines the knowledge of physiology, psychology, biochemistry, homeopathy, acupuncture, quantum physics (just to name a few) and high-tech. Assessing 40 major organ systems in less than 5 minutes, it censors throughout 20,000 different items: from nutritional deficiencies to muscular and skeletal weaknesses.

It’s a truly ground braking technology  and Bio-energetic Medicine has already gained  widespread  clinical acceptance with  results  being backed by scientifically  documented research.  Now such  methods as electro-dermal screening, the quantum body-field approach, and digital homeopathy are used in a growing number of health clinics across the world.

It’s really worth to take a bit of time and watch this very intriguing video to understand  the science behind the ASYRA Bio-Energetic Testing  System.

                    THE SCIENCE BEHIND ASYRA by Stuart Grace Green, director of research and education  at IBEAM (the Institute for Biological Energetic and Alternative Medicine)

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