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There is no doubt that optimum performance directly depends on a state of health. Athletes who have learned how to stay healthy while competing at a top-level are always able to have longer athletic careers, consistently improve in their sport, and ableV2-252 to stay energetic, alert, instinctive, ambitious, and in control. Doing the right things nutritionally can make the difference for staying healthy while pushing the body as hard as it can go.

I know from first hand experience just how important the vitality, good nutrition, and right supplementation are for sport performance. During my competitive years as an Olympian sprinter, I always was challenged to maintain good health and make right choices. And how priceless it could have been to have the assistance of knowledge and technology we have today in order to skip those dramatic days when I had to watch races instead of being part of them because of an illness or trauma… During my coaching career I met elite athletes who struggled as much as I did. From then I began my journey of studying and understanding the amazing human machine, its unique ability to push, recover, metabolize, and heal.

Holding degrees on Holistic Nutrition (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) and Sport  Physiology (Russia), my approach on helping athletes to keep on the top of the game combines deep knowledge of nutrition and digestion as well as understanding of emotional and physical challenges caused by hard-core training. Using revolutionary technology of bio-energetic testing; dietary, lifestyle, training cycles and energy systems analysis; science of nutrient timing; Nutrigenomics and proper cellular supplementation (formulated not to contain any ingredients banned by WADA), we can achieve incredible results not only on boosting athletic performance, but also quicken the recovery, reduce chances of injuries,  sharpen mental alertness and emotional stability.

Whoever you are − elite athlete, weekend warrior, or someone who likes to hit the gym hard, remember: it is not just about what to eat or how to train; it’s also about how to achieve your perfect efficiency, storage and flow of energy, and improve your vitality by reaching for optimal health. Simply to say: Enter Into Your Vigor Zone.

Wish you all success on your life journey and on “painting your master piece”,
Tatiana Armero

Life is a struggle. You either win or lose. For a warrior, survival is just not good enough. Warriors want to win. To be a warrior, you don’t need a war. All you need is a spirit, which is hidden inside of you. This spirit is what I call the “Warrior Instinct”. Once unleashed, it will guide you to greater health and your own sense of freedom. And nothing tastes sweeter than freedom.”
Ori Hofmekler, “The Warrior Diet”

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